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C Smart International and Osmodal announce alliance

C Smart International ( today announced a strategic alliance with Osmodal (  Through their relationship, the two organisations will bring their collective resources and expertise to the automated fare collection and payments markets. The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing a surge in investment in automated fare collection and intelligent transportation systems. Significant opportunities exist in Australia…
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22 Years – What does it take?

How having a Purpose enables a company to stay the course and last in the turbulent finance industry.

Transit Payments – Single Account Concept

Why does the single account sit in the centre of Transit Payments

Transit Payments – Aggregated Transactions

In the third article of our Transit Payments series we focus on Aggregated Transactions and the impact on all parties involved.
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Transit Payments & Tokenisation

In the second article on our Transit Payment series we discuss the challenges of Tokenised PAN (tPAN) and debt recovery.
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Transit Payments – 10 Questions

First of a series of articles discussing the intricacies of Transit Payments. The top 10 FAQs are discussed.