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22 Years – What does it take?

So how does a consulting organisation in the finance industry not only survive but thrive for over two decades as technologies evolve, businesses change, economies tumble, supplier models change, legislation/compliance goalposts continually shift and so much more? In this 2 part article the Managing Director and Founder of C Smart International Matthew Holani discusses how Purpose and Values have motivated his team to succeed over the years.

Some might say it’s all to do with being in the right place at the right time. Others might contend that having a good network of potential clients helps immensely. Others will argue that experience makes all the difference. Or that a good strategy, excellent marketing and efficient communication is essential.

All of the above and more is certainly true but if you don’t have the right people then success just “aint gonna happen!”

Then how do you go about attracting and selecting the right people? At C Smart International we believe it comes down to knowing your Purpose and being true to your Values. In this post we examine our Purpose.

What is our purpose?

“A trusted partner in quality financial solutions”

Breaking this down a little…..


Staff and clients need to know that our word is our bond. We say what we can do and if we can’t do it we won’t pretend otherwise. Through effort and expertise we’ll do things the right way and if we make a mistake we’ll be honest and correct it.


How many times do you here organisations in a commercial arrangement say they’ll work together in partnership as “one” and then proceed to ensure the formal agreement is followed to the “T”? For us, whether it’s a formal partnership or not, being a partner is an attitude we take to everything we do.


From the first day on the job for a junior consultant to the experienced expert on their zillionth assignment, quality, quality, quality.


Not a service, but it may be. Not software, but it may be. Not specialist expert advice, but it may be. Not consultancy, but it may be. Whatever it is, we’ll look to solve a problem, deal with difficult situations and proactively make something better.

In the second part of this article Matt will discuss how C Smart International’s Values guide how the team operates on a daily basis.

Should you wish to discuss how C Smart International can help your organisation achieve your goals please contact Matt at