Proudly introducing C Smart People

After successfully delivering quality financial solutions for more than two decades, via our highly sought after, highly skilled and approachable people,
we are proud to announce the official launch of our recruitment business – C Smart People.


Our goal is to make sure that there are quality people working in great environments that will work towards your objectives, make a difference and produce tangible results.

Our Services

Client Services

Permanent Placement

In a market that is increasingly complex and ambiguous, we seek individuals who not only possess the threshold capabilities but also a high degree of emotional intelligence that is now sine qua non with workplace collaboration and leadership.

We value clients and candidates who embrace self-awareness, a propensity for reflection yet comfortable in the face of change, a deeply embedded desire to achieve, and those who operate with the notion that nothing gets done alone.

Inflight Resources

We partner closely with our clients to identify the essential skills required for a specific segment of their enterprise. Whether you need a Tiger Team or a SME, we will connect you with operators who have the cognitive abilities, incisiveness, and analytical reasoning. These individuals are qualified and efficient, able to promptly adapt to new structures and focus on the undertaking ahead.

Start-up / Project Recruitment

Whether it be setting up another office in a new location or a project that needs specific people with specific skillsets, we can tailor a solution that meets your objectives.

Candidate Experience

For all working professionals

Let us manage your career. We will navigate opportunities together. We will coach you through the hiring process. Finally, we will assist you in getting settled into your new role.

Executive Search

Beyond self-awareness and motivation, we seek individuals who espouse a sense of self-regulation and demonstrate empathy in the world of work.

Individuals who self-regulate create an environment of trust and fairness. It has a trickle-down effect where talented people flock to the organisation. It enhances integrity, which is not only a personal virtue but also an organisational strength. They have an ability to say no to impulsive urges.

Empathy means thoughtfully considering employees’ feelings - along with other factors - in the process of making intelligent decisions. Empathy is particularly important today as a component of leadership for at least three reasons: the increasing use of teams; the rapid pace of globalisation; and the growing need to retain talent.

Industries We Cover

C Smart People provide solutions for the following industries:


Emerging Technology

Financial Services






Functions and roles


Project Services


Human Resources

Finance & Tax